Rover K Series

Rover K series engine JLH has been offering the Rover K series engine upgrade since 1997 and it has proven to be a popular conversion. We have used the 1.4, 1.6 and standard and uprated 1.8 motors all of which offer spectacular performance with stunning economy.

The conversion utilises many bespoke items including a bell housing to join the engine to a Ford Type 9 gearbox. All conversions use Omex engine management that has proven faultless over the range of engines fitted.

The benefit of this engine is that it weighs over sixteen kilos less than the A series, is free revving and powerful for its capacity. The transplant into the Minor and our fitting of a more efficient water system has meant that the usual cooling problems evident in its Rover location have been eradicated.

We have mainly produced fast road Minors with this conversion, but have also produced a few track day cars with 185 bhp 1.8 motors which have elevated the car's performance to a different level of 0-60 mph in 6.5 secs and 0-100-0 in 23 secs, plus a top speed of 130 mph while still offering 40 mpg. Servicing is very cheap and upgrades of the standard motor are readily available. We no longer offer this modification, but do have a limited number of the conversion kits left in stock.

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