Morris Minor Modifications

Morris Minor Disc Brakes

Disc brakes

We began our foray into better braking with the tried and tested route of adapting the standard Marina set up onto modified Minor uprights. While this proved to be reliable and a vast improvement over the original Minor drums, we decided that that to make sure of a long term future for discs we should base a new kit on more available donor parts. We designed and manufactured our own Escort Mk III based vented kit back in 1994. Our emphasis was (and is) versatility and quality, and we believe that we have achieved both of these and now enjoy a reputation for offering the best disc kits on the market. We added a solid disc conversion plus a larger performance vented kit based on the Escort Mk III Turbo calipers and discs. Following on from that we now offer nine variants of the Ford kits, all with aircraft industry standard electroplate coating in four different colours, our 'ultimate' featuring AP racing four pot calipers. To complement these disc kits we offer our own header tank kits, servos and modified master cylinders.

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Morris Minor Rear Axles


Once again, the Marina was our first donor upgrade, but as with the discs we decided to offer an upgrade that would take us forward into the new millennium with a more available parts supply. The Escort Mk II axle is used as it offers a better selection of differential ratios and better brakes than the Minor one. It is also easily up-rated to either Capri nine inch drums or disc brakes. For the performance minded, limited slip differentials are available.

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Morris Minor Suspension

We launched our Stage 1 suspension upgrade in 1994. This was a sympathetic upgrade utilising 'weld-on' brackets, which offered additional structural strength to the new location areas, rather than relying on 'bolted-on' mounts which either apply different loadings to existing components or weaken the existing structure.

The first Stage 1 kit consists of a telescopic Avo gas damper, fully adjustable and re-buildable and mounted on a modified bottom arm which has a lower mounting pin welded to it. The top brackets are made from 3mm plate and offer a substantial upper mounting.

The Stage 1 rear again offers Avo telescopic dampers. It is available for both Minor and Escort axles. Our kit differs from any other available by using turreted dampers set into the rear floor. The reason for the turreting is that it allows the fitting of wider wheels and tyres without fouling the dampers and keeps all the components within the chassis of the car. The mounting location for the dampers is a modified Minor lower axle plate or a bespoke bottom Ford axle plate.

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Triangulated radius arm

Triangulated Radius Arm

These radius arms complement the Stage 1 kits. We designed these not only as anti-tramp bars but also to provide excellent axle location. The kit is an easy fit and incorporates strengthening plates to areas of location.


Up-Rated Tie Bars

Uprated tie bar

To supply greater strength of location and adjustability of the front end geometry, we designed these adjustable tie bars. A simple method of adjustment is incorporated along with poly bushes for more control and longer life.

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Front Coil-Over Kit

We developed the wide A arm coil-over kit as an alternative to the established method of up-rated torsion bars and telescopic dampers, which usually give a rather 'pitchy' ride characteristic. Three years of development saw the kit released in 1996, and it has proven to be a hit with the owners of cars with up-rated engines.

Wide lower arm

The kit is adjustable for full geometry set up and utilises the original king pin, trunnions and lever arm damper, which is now only used as a as a pivot point. The torsion bars are removed completely and are replaced with a bespoke weld on chassis bracket and extra cross member between the chassis legs.

The AVO coil overs are located through a wide section A arm which offers excellent location. The top mount is weld on and incorporates two strengthening plates to spread the loadings and reinforce the bulkhead cross member. The kit is adjustable for ride height and damper rate and offers a very compliant ride, but should be seen as a sports derived upgrade.

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Five Link Rear Kit

This kit was specifically designed to complement the extra grip offered by the front coil-over kit and fit sympathetically and unobtrusively into the Minor without losing either seat area or loading space.

5 link suspensionIt offers full adjustability of ride height, damping control amd differential setting, and allows for easy accurate positioning of the rear axle and four wheel alignment. The four link bars are adjustable in situ with left and right hand threads on each. For the serious track day enthusiast, we can now dial in the correct corner weights for ultimate balance. At present, a Panhard rod is favoured, but a Watts linkage can be offered as an option.

The five link is only available for the Escort Mk II axle, and while we recommend that it is fitted by us on site as it requires a lot of setting up, it comes complete with comprehensive illustrated installation instructions.

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